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Friday 4th


From 11am

John Evans Charity Event 2023
The Mallard, Heanor Road, Ilkeston, DE7 8TJ


See John miraculously balancing a 5 foot tall fridge freezer as part of the TV show.

John will also be raffling the item off afterwards in aid of SIGHT SUPPORT DERBYSHIRE

Raffle Tickets £1

Special thanks to Long Eaton Used Furniture and Appliance Centre for donating the fridge freezer.

You can also see Del Boy and his three wheeler van or have your photo taken with John for a £2 donation.

John will also be balancing a person, 10 tyres and 20 tables at the event!

John Evans Event 2023 Click on the image to view a larger version
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Saturday 9th


John Evans Charity Event 2017
for the PDSA Hospital - sponsored by Kennelgate Pet Food Derby

At Kennelgate Pet Superstore
810 London Road, Alvaston, Derby, DE24 8WA
Saturday 9th September 2017
from 12 noon

All proceeds go to Derby PDSA Hospital, including the Pet Food.

Have your photograph taken with John

John Evans Charity Event 2017 for the PDSA Hospital sponsored by Kennelgate Pet Food Derby Click on the image to download a PDF for more details

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Friday & Saturday
October 4th & 5th

At 5 locations across the UK

Record Holders Republic (
The First Combined Unbeatable World Record in History...

...was achieved on October 4th & 5th, 2013 by seven legends with over 180 years of breaking records between them and hundreds of records held. OFFICIAL.

They dressed as cowboys and took the names of the Magnificent Seven.
Walking with 100 glasses on head, 10 one finger push ups, carrying 61lb weight held with teeth 111 metres, flipping 1,000 beer mats (coasters), drop push ups, step ups with weight and eating 20 hot dog sausages all in the quickest times.
A combined time of the seven records was a time of 3 mins 47.36 seconds.
The first combined unbeatable world record in history was:

  1. Fastest 10 One Finger Push Ups in 16.2 secs
    By Micky Gooch (Vin) Age: 57. Venue: Nanak Education Sports Complex, Khalsa Avenue, Gravesend, Kent, UK.
  2. 20 Step Ups carrying 80lb back pack on a 15 inch bench in a time of 53.22 secs.
    By Paddy Doyle (GB) on 4th October 2013. Venue: Stamina's Self Defence Boxing Gym, Birmingham, UK.
  3. Fastest 30 Drop Push Ups between and on to two 45cm benches in 28.12 secs.
    By Steve Buttler (Chico). Age: 38. Venue: Church Stretton, Shropshire, UK.
  4. Fastest to eat 20 Hot Dog Sausages in 23.24 secs.
    By Peter Dowdeswell (Chris Adams). Age: 73. Venue: The Commercial Inn, Awsworth Road, Ilkeston, Derby, UK.
  5. Fastest to carry a 61 pound weight in Teeth, 111 metres in 44.24 secs.
    By Fred Burton (Lee). Age: 68. Venue: the Commercial Inn, Awsworth Road, Ilkeston, Derby, UK.
  6. Fastest to walk 15 metres and step over 5 people who are laying down while balancing 100 full half pint glasses on head hands free in 34.50 secs.
    By John Evans (Bernardo O'Reilly). Age: 66. Venue: The Commercial Inn, Awsworth Road, Ilkeston, Derby, UK.
  7. Fastest to flip 1,000 Beer Mats from a table. One pile of 40 mats flipped 25 times in 28.02 secs.
    By Dean Gould (Harry Luck). Age: 49. Venue: Royal British Legion, Mill Lane, Felixstowe, Suffolk, UK.
First Combined Unbeatable World Record in History with a total time of 3 mins 47.36 secs.

Fred Burton John Evans and Peter Dowdeswell October 2013 Magnificent Seven Records Challenge Magnificent Seven Records challenge October 2013
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John sets a new world record in Israel...

John was invited to Israel on the 11th August for a week where he was on two TV shows and set a new world record for balancing 275 glasses of beer on his head for over ten seconds.

Haifa Beer Festival Israel - new record balancing 275 glasses of beer
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June 16th & 17th

Bishop Stortford Carnival &
Brands Hatch

Brands Hatch World Record Success...

John Was appearing at Bishop Stortford Carnival on the 16th June 2012 where I broke one of my existing world records balancing 11 tyres for 13 seconds on his head hands free on the morning show and the afternoon show.

I moved down the road later to Brands Hatch where I did another event on the 17th June. I repeated the new record both shows had an amazing turn out of people TV camera's where at both events and of course the news paper media. I will be claiming the record at Brands Hatch just because it sounds better.

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May 13th

N.E.C Centre

John appearing at the N.E.C Birmingham Event

John Evans does it again!!! John successfully headbalanced a 70kg washing machine for 23 minutes and 7 seconds within an a 1 hour time frame. John completed this record at the "Martial Arts Live Show" at the N.E.C Birmingham.

The website giants "Appliances On Line" donated a machine, which will be raffled off at the charity shop in Ilkeston for the "Debra Charity" which benefits children with bad skin complaints.

Debra Charity" which benefits children with bad skin complaints
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April 30th

South Korea

Asia loves John and John loves Asia

When the top TV show in Korea wanted a specialist act they chose John Evans from Derbyshire.

With all the people who balance things on their head in China when they want the best they sent for John Evans 43 times Record Holders Republic world record holder for head balancing.

They was not wrong John Evans broke two world records first the show had Korea s best head balancer come on the show who balanced just 10 trays with 40 rice bowls on the trays. John went on and done a modest 15 trays and 60 rice bowls.

After returning, John had this to say.

"I started by lifting the presenter of the show on my head. Then I performed my existing world record by balancing 237 pints of beer to great applause. I lifted 60 bowls of rice on 15 trays and that was three times more than a Korean waitress, who held the record in the country."

"Then I lifted 12 tables on my head and also raised a 130-kilo American fridge freezer, a very difficult feat for which I had to call up all my strength, skill and concentration. When I began to think about it, I thought how unusual it was for them to invite me over from Britain. You see thousands of people carrying things on their heads in Asia. It seems second nature to them. In the market, in the streets, so many people do it and yet they came to Derbyshire to get me to perform it on their show.

"The programme is called Star King and that is how they made me feel. They had written a script of my life story and built the one-hour programme around that. They even mentioned my ambition to lift a box full of cash to promote a credit card company. They kept referring to me as an elder because in those countries they have a great respect for the older generation."

"And they asked me to give a speech to encourage people to conquer their disabilities and that was something I was proud to do. They kept saying how impressed they were because I have diabetes and sight in only one eye. They told me the show will be broadcast across Asia and also across Latin America before going on Youtube. Millions will see it and I hope they enjoy it as well as gaining a little inspiration from my story. The people of South Korea could not have been more kind. It made me proud to represent Britain on a world stage."

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March 13th


Happy 65th Birthday John...

John Evans turned 65 years old, March 31st 2012, the age most people retire!!! But not John, he performed at a charity show and set a New World Record for headbalancing 1710 eggs a total weight of 118kg, in the process raising £500.00 for Sight Support Derbyshire and Air Ambulance East Midlands.

In the last 20 years John has been doing stunts, headbalancing items and has raised over £200,000 pounds for charity doing things just like this.

John has 33 Guinness World Records and 43 Record Holders Republic World records. RHR World Records are another organisation who records only human achievements world records and in their book every record gets featured unlike the Guinness Book who only has just a few pages of human achievements.

Below is some of the items John balanced to raise money.

Ilkeston Advertiser Newspaper Link:

John's 65th Birthday Show & his new world record for headbalancing eggs... John's 65th Birthday Show... John's 65th Birthday Show & his new world record for headbalancing eggs...
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June 9th


Britains Got Talent 2011

John went to Manchester theatre and got through to the next round which was on the 9 April in London Apollo theatre but they did not put john through to the semi finals a shame because john was going to balance the Mini Cooper car at that time.

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November 10th


John has raised £345.00 for Children in Need 2011

Thanks to his friends at Buildbase Builders Merchants in Osworth, Derbyshire, John put on show, balancing a range of objects including a Cement Mixer and then helped with the raffle.

children in need 2010 certificate newspaper article
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August 22nd

Whitby Regatta,

John performed on August 22nd at the annual Whitby Regatta. John amazed the crowd by demonstrating his unique headbalancing skills, the event was well attended and crowd really had great day of fun for all.

We'd like to thank the Whitby Gazette for supplying the photos below.

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June 28th

NEW WORLD RECORD set by John Evans at Mainz, Germany

John set a New World Record on the 28 June 2010 in Mainz, Germany. John balanced 237 full pints on his head for 12 seconds hands free. He was appearing on the (20 years) long running German TV show called Flower Garden. John was appearing in front of over 6000 live audience.

John Evans on germany tv show balancing a new world record in pints john evans and germany strongman meanz
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June 12th

NEW WORLD RECORD set by John Evans at the Billing Aquadrome,

gorilla tubsJohn Evans set a new world records on Saturday June 12th 2010 at Billing Aquadrome Northampton at Peter Dowdeswell Charity event.

"This was a great achievement for John because it wds free, the 25 Gorilla tubs had a steel base frame, and other intermedia frames for the tubs to sit on, the size was 10 feet long by 6" 3 inches high."

The event raised enough money to buy an electric wheelchair for a person in Northampton.

Dean Gould the president and founder of Record Holders republic was there to whiteness the record.

ilkeston advertiser article
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June 21st

NEW WORLD RECORD attempt by John Evans
at the Orient Main Stage, Trafford Shopping Centre
in Manchester
at 3pm

On the 21st of June JOHN EVANS will be attempting to break one of his world records. Balancing the tallest stack of books on his head for over 10 seconds without holding with his hands. The record stands at 62 Guinness books set on the 12 9 1998 by John at Tesco, Sheffield. The weight was 217 lbs and the height was 1240mm.

Celebrity - My First CarThis record is with a different book titled MY FIRST CAR. The stack will be arranged with stacking a column of books using three books 50 books high = 150 books then another single column of books stacked on top of that of 54 books making the full column of books 1248mm high beating the Guinness Record by 8mm and also beating the Guinness Record in weight by 79 lbs making a total weight including the ply wood board of 296.66lbs.

John Evans is the Vice President of Record Holders Republic and has already been told this record will be accepted by Record Holders Republic should he be successful.

This event will be performed at the closing of the motor show at the Trafford centre at 3pm.

The book was written by Christopher Crew, who suffers from Dyslexia and took him five years to research and put together. With every sale of each book, Dyslexia Action will receive all proceeds, which is paid by HandE publishers. The book features 65 top celebrity stories about their first cars, including Bruce Forsyth OBE, Norman Wisdom OBE, Sir Patrick Moore OBE CBE, Bernard Manning, Tony Hancock, Chris Tarrant to name but a few. John Evans is honoured to carry out this new world record and assist in raising awareness for Dyslexia. John, who also features in the book, will be appearing on the front cover, when the book is re-published on 1st June 2009.

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April 4th

Birthday Charity Fun Day at Kennelgate Super Store, Chadesden, Derby.

See International performer John Evans in person, Derby's very own 32 times "Record Holders Republic" & "Guinness World Records" holder .

John will be attempting a brand new world record!

He will attempt to balance 200 tins of pet food on a platform with a 22ft scaffolding pole attached to it, and with a large cuddly toy sat on top of another platform - making the height over 28 feet tall! John will balance all this without the use of his hands for over 10 seconds - just balanced on his head! John will be also balancing other items, including a large dog kennel and sacks of pet food.

Kennelgate and John are making this event a family fun day from 11am to 4pm which will include bouncy castle, face painiting, BBQ and much more. Kennelgate are donating 200 tins of pet food to be sold on the day and have pledged £1000. Other Kennelgate Pet suppliers are donating other products for John to balance which will be put into a raffle and drawn at 4pm so there will be plenty of bargains for pet owners. All the proceeds from the event will go the PDSA.

John has raised over £180,000 for Charity over his headbalancing career.

UK Tool Hire of Ilkeston are donating the safety barriers for the day FREE of charge. 01159 444401. Kennelgate Store - for details call 01332 679 200