To new super humans

Welcome to the elite rank of people who can claim that description.

This is our website to salute the "Best of the Best" record holders, whose achievements have been ratified by RHR.

John Evans performer this signature stunt in front of a large crowdYou will notice straight away we have chosen the astonishing JOHN EVANS to illustrate what can be achieved. He began 25 years ago, turning what he thought was a modest talent into a remarkable force for good. We say that because not only has he entertained millions across the world, but he has raised over £200,000 for charity. He has 90 world records, all feats of strength, balance and concentration. You can see him here balancing a Mini Cooper on his head, one of the most startling acts imaginable. Of course, your records are just as important as those set by John. But this is one of the best photo images of any record in the world.

At RHR, we are proud that John has allowed us to use this image to inspire all you SUPERHUMANS to even greater heights.

Dean Gould founder and president Dr. David R.Adamovich, President,

John Evans Vice President.

Hello Super human record holders,

The new certificate will cost £25 for the original, copies will be priced at £20 each if purchased at the same time to save postage.

You will be supplied with a hard copy of the certificate, posted to your address at no extra cost.

Your achievements will also be listed on the new SUPERHUMANS SITE, where there will be a photo gallery of everybody's certificate.

You will also get a PDF sent to your email so you can send a good quality copy to your friends and the press for your story in the media reporting on how you have been accepted into SUPERHUMANS new site of world records. Also there will be a copy of all certificates on www.headbalancer.com.

RHR Super Human Certificates

T-Shirts can be printed on one side (£30 including P&P) or both sides (£40 including P&P). Please state your size under Special Instructions when placing your order.

Super Human T-Shirt - blank  Super Human T-Shirt - John Evans  Super Human Certificate Dean Gould June 2016  Super Human Certificate Fred Burton March 2014

blank - "Your Name"

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£40.00 (front & back)

Includes P & P

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John Evans

Price: £30.00 (front),
£40.00 (front & back)

Includes P & P

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Dean Gould

Price: £25.00 (one),
£20.00 (extra copies)

Includes P & P


Fred Burton

Price: £25.00 (one),
£20.00 (extra copies)

Includes P & P

RHR Plaques

Dear Record holders,
I know what it is like to be a winner like you. It takes years to train and practice and develop the talent you were born with - but that is not enough. You simply have to be the best to be a record holder. This takes a lifetime of dedication and also there is a financial cost in the achievement. I know because I have invested heavily in buying props and travelling to free events to gain a public image via the newspapers.
But when your dream comes true, it is worth shouting about it and getting even more publicity by having a medal from the Record Holders' Republic. Now you can have a solid wooden plaque with gold writing surrounded by a blue tint background.
This is the best way to treat yourself and your family for all the hard work and sacrifices you have put in to become a record holder.
As a vice-president of the Republic, I am authorised to sign the plaques and authenticate them.

I have also been featured on the front cover of RECORD HOLDERS' REPUBLIC BOOK. For the last five years, I have been supplying medals for record breakers worldwide.
Last week, I was asked by a fellow record holder Brad Byers from America, one of the most talented record holders in the world, to provide a plaque.
I asked the president of RHR Dean Gould for permission. To my amazement and delight, Dean gave me authority to provide these plaques worldwide to RHR's high achievers.
To have my name as the record keeper for RHR is a great honour and responsibility. I shall perform those duties with the utmost integrity.

I am pleased to announce that I am one of the first record breakers to be introduced into RECORD HOLDERS REPUBLIC HALL OF FAME for superhuman talent for headbalancing 1st January 2017.

RHR Plaque awarded to John Evans for superhuman talent for headbalancing 1st January 2017  RHR Plaque awarded to Janathan Karunakaran  RHR Plaque awarded to Brad Byers  RHR Plaque awarded to Dean Gould
RHR Plaque awarded to John Evans  RHR Plaque awarded to Brad Byers

Price: UK £100.00 (GBP) (includes P&P)

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Price: Overseas £120.00 (GBP) (includes P&P)

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RHR Medal

I have a new medal to offer to record breakers which can be worn around the neck. The medal is 70mm by 5mm and weighs 7 oz and it comes in a high quality, velvet lined, stylish black presentation box. The medal has RECORD HOLDERS REPUBLIC logo on the front and the record holders name and record on the back.

Receiving this trophy would be the perfect opportunity to make the local news and show the RECORD HOLDERS REPUBLIC MEDAL and your World Record off again. Please send name and address and date and details of your record (ideally a photocopy of your certificate).

Price: UK £75.00 (GBP) (includes P&P)

Price: Overseas £90.00 (GBP) (includes P&P)

Read why we have had to increase the postage and packing cost for overseas.

The new RHR Medal in presentation box

click on the images for closer detailed views of the medals

The new RHR Medal - front view The new RHR Medal - back view example 1 The new RHR Medal - back view example 2

Recent RHR Medal customers -

Recent RHR Medal customer

Meiliana Mardianta - Calculated fastest, Multiplying Random 20 Digits with 2 Digits in 12.9 seconds

John Ferraro - Strongest Skull

Dr Mac Yurree - Most baseball bats broken with shin kicks

Bern Hoehle - Most mass sit ups

Steve Butler - First Human to achieve over 100 RHR World Records in one year 21st Jan 2011 to 29th Aug 2011

John Evans Life Story - The Balance of Power

Now is your chance to follow the life of John and read his autobiography - "The Balance of Power".

John Evans promotion card front John Evans Life Story front cover John Evans Life Story back cover John Evans promotion card back

Price: UK £5.00
(plus P&P £1.70)

Price: EU £5.00
(plus P&P £4.00)

Price: USA £5.00
(plus P&P £5.00)

John Evans - DVD - 4hrs 17mins

Price: UK £6.00 (includes P&P)

Price: Overseas £8.00 (includes P&P)

John Evans - Headbalancing Padded Hat

Price: UK £13.00 (includes P&P)

Price: Overseas £15.00 (includes P&P)

John Evans Headbalancer is selling his brand new head balancing HAT!

John has decided to sell his secret of how he is able to do this balancing, John uses a special padded ring which John as incorporated into a hat. With this "Headbalancing Padded Hat" almost everyone will be able to balance something on their head instantly. WARNING DO NOT OVER LOAD YOUR HEAD until you have developed neck muscles don't try and balance a car straight away. One size fits all....

Official Record Holders Republic JudgeWould be record holders, would you like John Evans to judge your World Record attempt? John is the current Vice President of Record Holders Republic, as well as the holder of 44 Record Holders Republic World Records. For just £100.00 plus traveling expenses, John will come to your event and witness your attempt at a World Record.

RECORD HOLDERS REPUBLIC Record Holders Republic was formed in 2001 by Dean Gould record breaker to give freedom to all record breakers, old and new, to list their world records which they beat or set.

This eventually led to a book, The Book Of Alternative Records, which RHR teamed up with Ralf Laue of Rekord Klub Saxonia. In 2003 Dean Gould made David Adamovich US President for RHR, making TV and newspaper headlines as RHR expanded its international profile.

With the success of the US launch, RHR / RKS / BOAR are now about to launch their second book in the States, entitled Believe The Unbelievable! This new book will include official World Records as well as Fantastic Feats of Human Achievement.

RHR has been ground breaking for everyone in the record breaking scene as all records are official and nearly all records are accepted by one if not all four of the official governing bodies - something that has been missing for the last 12 years from other record books.

The RHR has been set up for record breakers by record breakers, and now has Vice Presidents all over the world - John Evans being one of them for the UK.

Dean Gould - Record Holders Republic - http://www.recordholdersrepublic.co.uk