John Evans performer this signature stunt in front of a large crowd

John Evans is a legendary headbalancing strongman, who has delivered his own brand of unique entertainment over the past two decades. Whose shows have astounded millions of people. Incredibly, he balances immensely heavy objects, including cars, on his head. Welcome to his website...




John Evans Charity Event for the PDSA Hospital sponsored by Kennelgate Pet Food Derby

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101 Bricks - December 24th 1997 - Weight 416 lb BBC Center for the National Lottery TV Show (UKTV)

John Evan - The World's No. 1 Head Balancer...Headbalancer Shaun Jones gets banned from RHR.

The Record Holders' Republic has rejected a weight-lifting attempt carried out by Shaun Jones. Because of several wholly inaccurate claims he has made, Shaun has been banned for life by the RHR, whose adjudicator Peter Dowdeswell attended the event held at Felixstowe on June 8th, 2012. As the official adjudicator, he rejected the claim for a new record.

Despite this, Shaun persists in claiming a record.

He knew the rules stipulate that an entrant must balance a weight on top of his head, walk away from the stand and balance the weight, without use of the hands, for ten seconds.

Shaun did none of this. He lifted the weight using his hands and head, then balanced the weight on his head without walking away from the safety of the stand. Weights were attached to both ends of a bar, making the balancing so much easier.

john evans in korea
vimeo - wathc john evans

Asia loves John and John loves Asia - When the top TV show in Korea wanted a specialist act they chose John Evans from Derbyshire. With all the people who balance things on their head in China when they want the best they sent for John Evans 44 times Record Holders Republic world record holder for head balancing.

They were not wrong. John Evans broke two world records first the show had Korea s best head balancer come on the show who balanced just 10 trays with 40 rice bowls on the trays. John went on and done a modest 15 trays and 60 rice bowls. Please click on the "vimeo" watch the show...

record holder republic
stee lee's superhumans

Stan Lee's - Superhumans - John Evans is "Super Neck"Watch out for John Evans on the "STAN LEE'S SUPERHUMAN'S 2" TV show coming soon on the QUEST channel. John Evans will appear in episode 11 of the show, here's a pdf guide about the show. Please stay tuned for more information...

John Evans new headbalancing attraction Dr Who's Tardis

nextAre you looking to promote your business? Having your product balanced on John Evans’ head certainly gets attention! Hey, promoters, event organises, use your head, I know John does... why not check what John has to offer. He has 5 different show options available on his 2015 show  options listing and pdf, which includes his headbalancing attraction, John Evans balances "Dr. Who's Tardis"...

record holder republic

The quote before refers to John Evans - World Famous Show -
The Balance of Power”, which he was performed all over the world.
“The Man The Myth, The Legend” - John Evans is the world's preeminent headbalancer with more headbalancing World Records than any other headbalancing performer" - Dean Gould - Record Holders Republic.
nextFind out more about Record Holders Republic, of which John is also a judge

John Evans with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show

UK-based John has taken his show around the world for live and television appearances. In America, he’s appeared twice on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. In his home country, he is a regular face on television shows and at live events. Check nextout video footage of John performing his amazing stunts...

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For more information about John Evans and details of how to book a show, nextalong with other speciality acts, he manages / works with, so take some time out to explore this site. You won’t believe your eyes! Click to view a pdf about John's Certificates and World Records bottom section spacer
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